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Fantastic Autumn Supper club

Hello Gorgeous folk, We’ve just had the most fantastic fun at our Autumnal Supper Club, thanks to everyone who came. It was so lovely to see new faces and old friends…it was a late one and The ‘Barman’ was up … Continue reading

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Passing the Beeton

With the fairly recent addition of a small person to my household, I came to the dawning realisation that I was going to have to re-learn to bake. Small people don’t want to make duck a l’orange, they want fairy … Continue reading

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Chocolate Velvet in a Mug (aka homemade hot chocolate)

For years I’ve been on a quest – to find the best ever hot chocolate I can make at home. I tried every bought powder available and yet nothing quite lived up to my (slightly erotic) dreams of smooth molten … Continue reading

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Gooey Chocolate Pear Pudding

I first saw this recipe on Come Dine with Me – yes I watch it, and I love it, judge me if you will – I’ve since seen that the ever lovely Ms Nigella has a very similar recipe, though … Continue reading

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