Chocolate Velvet in a Mug (aka homemade hot chocolate)

Hot choc 1

For years I’ve been on a quest – to find the best ever hot chocolate I can make at home. I tried every bought powder available and yet nothing quite lived up to my (slightly erotic) dreams of smooth molten chocolate, chocolate flowing from the taps, liquid chocolate filling bowls and cups and touching every room with the heady aromas of hot cocoa and cream…

So I thought, why not just create molten chocolate and be done with it? As fantasies go, it’s a pretty easy one to fulfil. It’s so easy in fact, you’ll be wondering why, other than the calories, you haven’t been doing this for years.

So go on, this is a fantasy after all.

Serves One – several times over

To make the chocolate base:
2 bars of good quality dark chocolate (100g -ish, size doesn’t matter in this instance)

To make one indulgent mug:
1 mug of milk
quarter tsp vanilla essence
2 tbsp home-made chocolate powder

Break the chocolate into a blender and blitz into small pieces, like cous cous. This can be saved in an airtight container in the fridge. Don’t expect it to last long though, if you’re anything like me that is.

When you have the craving, fill your cup with milk and pour into a small pan. Add the vanilla essence and two heaped tablespoons of the ‘powdered’ chocolate. On a low heat stir the milk until the chocolate has completely melted. The best way to check this is to tip the pan on its side and look at the bottom for grainy flecks. Continue to heat until they disappear and your drink is hot, dark and glossy. Chocolate velvet.


Add a warming touch of chilli powder on a particularly cold night.

For Christmas festivities add a pinch of cinammon and a small amount of finely grated orange peel

If you are feeling totally over the top, chuck out the milk and make with double cream, prepare for artery meltdown.


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One Response to Chocolate Velvet in a Mug (aka homemade hot chocolate)

  1. Sounds delicious… thank you for sharing!
    Emma. x.

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