Hidden Vegetable Wrap

I’m sure that there are plenty of people who would waggle a disapproving finger at me for admitting to ‘hiding’ veg from my daughter – but means must and I’m sure there’s an equal number of people cheering ‘Go Girlfriend’. So when my wonderfully resourceful friend Vicky fed this sandwich to me and the mini hanger-on for lunch, to great success I should add, I merrily jumped on the bandwagon.

Serves 4

2 carrots
2 tomatoes
200g tub hummus
Grated cheddar
4 tortilla wraps
Mixed lettuce leaves
4 sausages – cooked and sliced (see veggie options below)

Grate the carrots and finely dice the tomatoes. Mix them with the hummus.

Spread a generous line down the centre of the wrap and sprinkle over the cheese. If you are using sausages, add the slices to the pile, cover in lettuce and wrap up. If you’re serving to fussy little people, you could leave out the lettuce and slice into 4-5 hand sized pieces.

If you want to keep it vegetarian, exchange the sausage for a warm, salty slice of grilled halloumi, sweet, roasted peppers or marinated artichokes.
You could also exchange the carrot for grated beetroot, cucumber or courgette.


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4 Responses to Hidden Vegetable Wrap

  1. hipoptimist says:

    Yum! I am not fussy or little, but this sounds scrummy :). Lovely blog by the way. I found you via MN Bloggers network 🙂

  2. PlantEater says:

    This sounds really good! My kids love hummus wraps and I don’t have to hide veggies (they’ve grown up eating this kind of thing) but the addition of shredded carrot and sausage (or something vegetarian, for me) is a great idea.

    • Thanks, it really was. Our little one has always had veg,and infact used to eat them all, until some nameless relative (you know who you are Kevin) gave her sausage and bacon on a camping trip – its been downhill since then 😉 Our little one is still a fan of the good ole traditional hummus and falafel wrap though.

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