Courgette and Feta Frittata

I have often been heard to complain (somewhat dramatically), as I stare into an uninspiring fridge, that “we’ve-nothing-to-eat”. But if the truth be known, as long as you have eggs, you have a meal. I was reminded of this yesterday by a very good and very tired friend (new baby), whose husband had rustled up an amazing Spanish omelette using their weekend leftovers. That got me to thinking that the wonderful certainty of a frittatta is that they are only improved by the addition of those things that are often found lurking, forgotten, in the depths of your fridge. Mushrooms and a lone slice of bacon, grated carrot and a pinch of coriander, onions, courgette, peppers, a hard knob of cheese…I could go on.

Serves 2 for lunch

1 courgette – grated
1 onion – finely chopped
4 eggs – beaten and seasoned
100g Feta cheese – cut into small cubes

Pre-heat a medium grill.

In a small, non-stick, omelette pan fry together the onion and courgette, season with salt and pepper. Cook them long enough for both to soften and for the liquid given off in the process to start to evaporate.

Turn the heat down as low as it will go and add the cubes of cheese. Mix the beaten eggs into the pan and leave it to cook on the low heat for about 6 minutes or until the edges are firm and small bubbles are breaking to the surface. Put the whole pan under the grill for another five minutes . The frittata should just be starting to brown and firm up. Remove from the grill and either serve immediately with a salad and some thick slices of bread and butter or leave to cool and store in the fridge to serve within the next couple of days.


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7 Responses to Courgette and Feta Frittata

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  5. Rhonda Sittig says:

    Love this– simple and fresh. Good Sunday night dinner.

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